VECTARY artist of the month: George Solodkov

George_Solo is one of our first active users and, although he’s picked up 3D modeling just recently, he is steadily improving his skills. His work might be an inspiration for those of you who want to start 3D modeling.

Tell us something about yourself: what do you study or if you have any hobbies?

I am a Russian student from St. Petersburg and I am in the last year of high-school. Later on I’d like to work in another country which offers more opportunities for business. I love cars and anything related to science and space, inventions and high-imagination games. I don’t have many other hobbies, I just want to learn 3D modeling — it’s my life.

Created in Vectary 1.0

Have you had any previous experience with 3D modeling or design?

I first tried 3D modeling when I was 10 years old. But it wasn’t until five years later that I tried to design my first model of “the best car I’ve ever seen” in SketchUp 8. The model was just a triangle poly with no smoothing. VECTARY is my first 3D software I took up seriously.

When did you start 3D modeling with VECTARY?

When I got the Early Bird access. I was the third one, if I remember correctly.

One of George’s first 3D models, a pan created in VECTARY 1.0

What convinced you to try it out?

I saw some demo videos from the alpha version and I fell in love with it. I realized that it is an easy 3D tool to use and I couldn’t wait to get access.

What do you like the most about VECTARY?

I like it that the functions and features are straightforward and that it has a simple but amazing design (although I find it a bit hard to get accustomed with your design updates).

What is your favorite feature in VECTARY?

I like how easy it is to move around and the control you have over your design. It took me one day to learn my way around it, but you probably need a couple of days more to figure out certain features.

The Spaceship created by George_Solo in Vectary 1.0

What does your creative process look like?

I don’t have my own style very well defined yet, so I analyze what other 3D designers do with their models, especially from meshtush. I am still learning about 3D modeling. At the moment, I start with low poly drawing, then smoothing, using the bevels and fixing modeling errors. Most of the models I create come from my own drawings and projects.

George_Solo’s sketches

What inspires you when creating?

It’s the final result. I get to see my dreams take shape and that makes me happy. As you can see, I have two or three versions of my models. I’ve just recently learned some tricks and they’ve made my work much easier.

A pan of Russian borsch created in Vectary 1.0

Your very first models were the Swist glass series? Can you tell us more about this project?

I love high-tech design. And it was also my first experience using VECTARY. You can see the progress I’ve made from the “Cup” project to my to “TEAPOT gamma”. The end goal is to create a kitchen set, but for now it’s hard because I’m a beginner.

Teapot gamma by George_Solo in Vectary 1.0.

Recently you’ve started working on your dream car project. When did you get this idea of making a car? How should the best car look like in your opinion?

I got the idea three years ago. I first drew a sketch of the car, it was good, but I continued to upgrade it, and after 100 sketches and 20 projects, I got the final picture. Then I drew it in SketchUp 2015. I made a lot of changes and it took almost half year of working. It was quite hard to do it in SketchUp. What you can see now on my Instagram it’s just half of the work. It has to be better than the Bugatti Chiron which, in my opinion, has the best car design at the moment.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 17.56.32

Is there anything you’d like to share with our VECTARY community?

I have great plans with this car but for now I will only share a simpler version of it just to show how amazing VECTARY is. As for the future, once I learn more, I hope I’ll be able to do something useful for the community.