VECTARY artist of the month: Helder Santos

Helder is a designer focused on the practical applications of 3D printing. He loves to create functional objects which are usable on a day-to-day basis such as this beautiful, 3D printed wooden eyeglasses frame modeled in VECTARY.

Tell us a few things about yourself.

I’m a freelance designer in the 3D printing field.


How did you get into 3D modeling?

I studied and got a degree in Industrial Design.

What got you to try modeling with VECTARY?

I was eager to try it out because it is free to use, browser-based and has a nice, simple graphic layout.

What do you like the most about VECTARY?

I love the ortho view snap and the different plug-in features it offers.

Wooden eyeglasses frame 3D modeled in Vectary 1.0

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Anything related to FDM (*fused deposition modeling) 3D printing technology inspires me a lot when creating.

What was the most challenging part when designing the frame?

I would say that getting the nose support right was quite challenging.

3D printed wooden eyeglasses frame frontal view

Some tips for users who’d like to create their own 3D printed eyeglasses frame. Where or how should they start?

They should start by measuring the lens and some important face and head points to establish the nose bridge distance, temple length, frame height, frame width, etc.

Could you elaborate on the 3D printing process, materials and printer used, scaling it, etc.?

It is possible to scale and use different materials in the 3D printing process. I used the FiberForce Woodforce filament. It is a filament composed of a modified polylactic acid (PLA) charged with real wood dust. The 3D printer I used was an Ultimaker 2.

3D printed wooden eyeglasses temples

Did you have to make further changes/adjustments to your model before 3D printing it?

I only had to modify the lens thickness bezel on the frame. The rest of the model was already good to send straight to the 3D printer.

Main eyeglasses frame 3D printed

Are there any other future 3D projects in sight?

I’m always starting new projects for 3D printing. Just wait and see, it’s a surprise!

Is there anything you’d like to share with our VECTARY community?

I invite you to check my website: — feel free to send me a message at

Bonus: What does your workspace look like?

Messy ;)