VECTARY artist of the month: Matt_One

Luca, a.k.a. Matt_One, has designed some of the most complex 3D models created in VECTARY so far. What we like about Matt_One is that he is doing his day-to-day job with CAD models and yet he still finds time, besides his family, to continue his daydreams about robots and fantasy characters.

Tell us something about yourself. What do you do for a living?

My name is Luca, I live in Italy and I’m a professional CAD designer. My job is mainly focused on designing plastic molds. Nothing too creative, unfortunately.


What is your previous experience with 3D modeling or design?

I have been a CAD user for 25 years, started with Catia V4, Catia V5, Solidworks and Rhinoceros. My 3D modeling skills are related to solid and NURBS surfaces modeling. This year I’ve become interested in 3D sculpting after discovering some 3D sculpting software.

How long have you been modeling with VECTARY?

I started this September and, after initial tests, I began my first 3D modeling work on the Be Looga head.

3D model Be Looga by Matt_One created with VECTARY 1.0

What got you to try it out?

I read an article about VECTARY on and, from the captivating pictures and the short video there, I thought it sounded like a very promising online software.

3D model Borots: Matt_one’s first published VECTARY 1.0 model, rendered in Simlab Composer

What do you like the most about VECTARY?

The user interface, it’s absolutely amazing and stylish, and I also like the ease of use. I’ve never used anything so easy and fun before. And then the colors chosen for the “Shaded” mode on the first level of smoothing: pink, purple…it’s great!

What is your favorite feature in VECTARY?

I can’t say I have a favorite feature. But one of the things that I really like is to select a group of faces, copy and extrude them to create panels on existing objects.

3D model AHS “Handy” by Matt_One created with VECTARY 1.0

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process is pretty simple: there is no creative process. Usually, I start to do something, whatever it is, and then see what it could become. I no longer have much confidence with hand drawings. It’s something that I liked, but unfortunately I stopped doing it a long time ago. I prefer to have no restrictions and to proceed freely.

3D model Skull Tech mex by Matt_One, rendered in Simlab Composer

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Nowadays it’s very easy to find good source materials from the web. This doesn’t mean copying another artist’s work, but sometimes seeing what other people can do, can be truly inspiring. I really like the organic-mechanical mix of shapes and it is often enough for me to just look around and find good examples.

Be Looga character created with VECTARY 1.0, rendered with Simlab Composer

Tell us about your Be Looga character. What was the most challenging part?

Be Looga risked being deleted at its initial stage because, after modeling the head, I didn’t know which way to go. Then I made the body, this time after sketching it on paper, and it all became clearer. The arms and legs required a lot of work, but the main difficulty was the large number of parts, so I had to build them in separate models. On the final model I reached an insane number of layers and I had to give up their logical organization and group the objects by color to reduce the number of layers.

Created with Vectary 1.0

How do you post process your 3D models?

I do it by importing the obj. file in a rendering program, Simlab Composer, then I decide on the materials and colors trying to keep those chosen in VECTARY.

Be Looga character created with VECTARY 1.0, post processed with Simlab Composer

Is there anything you’d like to share with our VECTARY community?

I’ve just started with VECTARY, so I think there are still quite some things left that I need to discover. Furthermore, I’ve seen so many well-done objects in the gallery. I hope to reach the same skill level one day and be able to make such clean and precise objects, too. I believe that providing a tool like VECTARY, free, easy and fun to use, together with a community where everyone can share their projects and learn from others, is a great idea!

Each model Matt_One shared here is published in VECTARY, so you can freely view them in the 3D editor and customize them. 


Matt_One: “…and here is Mya! She roams on my desktop in my home studio, doing a lot of damage…”