Winner of the Jewelry contest: “It felt so good to learn VECTARY in one week.”

Attila Gazso won our Jewelry competition with a beautiful, minimalist pendant, proving once more that a design may look simple but can still speak volumes.

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I’m living in Budapest for almost six years and I am doing my MA in design at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

When and how did you get into 3D design?

A couple of years ago I had a course whose purpose was to teach us the basics of SolidWorks. I liked how easily I can express myself in the infinite world of 3D, so I’ve tried out many other software and now I can hardly imagine my design process without these tools.

Have you heard about VECTARY before the contest or was it your first VECTARY experience?

It was my very first time using VECTARY, and I liked it. After I got used to the interface, it was really easy to find and use the tools that I needed.


Tell us more about how you came to design the winning pendant model? How did you get this idea?

The first design of the collection was the earrings which were made for my girlfriend. I just wanted something minimal and easy-to-print because I am not a 3D printing expert yet. And after I saw how much she liked it, I decided to design a similar pendant, and that’s how the other two pieces were created.

What was the hardest part when designing it?

I think the hardest part was to create something unique. 3D printed jewelry has become quite mainstream, so I spent hours on the web trying to figure out whether my ideas already existed or not.


You also created some beautiful earrings and necklace. Could you tell us more about them and the tools you used in VECTARY to design them?

As I mentioned earlier, the earrings were the first designs I made. The other two are quite the same with some modifications. While modeling in VECTARY, my best friends were the Bridge and Collapse tools. I really like how easy it is to work with them.

Can you imagine selling the items on your own e-shop?

Yeah, sure. However, I know that there will be still a lot of work with them before I can start selling them. I need a brand and some more stuff for the collection.


Do you already have a favorite feature in VECTARY?

I love that it’s working in the cloud. I can even work on my girlfriend’s notebook, which was quite useful when I wasn’t at home or I printed the prototypes at the University.

How does your creative process usually look like?

It’s quite random. Mostly something just comes to my mind and then I spend hours on the internet to figure out if someone has already made it or not. After that some ugly, basic little sketches and then the 3D modeling.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Usually from my life. But I regularly check the web for some inspiration.

What advice would you give, from your own 3D modeling experience, to our VECTARY creators?

Just keep going! I really liked VECTARY and it felt so good to learn it in one week. I think it’s really important, because it can be demotivating if a software is so difficult that you can’t even draw a simple low poly model.

What are you planning to design next?

Right now I have to work hard on my final thesis because this is my last year at the university.

Do you think 3D modeling is already a big thing or are people into it just because they’d like to try out something new?

I really think this is the future. Now the market is full of many really complex and hard-to-learn software, but I can imagine that in 10 years the most used 3D modeling tools will be like VECTARY, because it suits both professionals and beginners.

How does your work desk look like?

Mostly messy :D … And full of prototypes.


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