Winner of the Sci-Fi category: ”3D modeling is on the verge of becoming something big”

What do an engineer and designer come up with when they put their creative minds together? Our user, Ted3D decided to combine a playful style and practicality to create the UFO Pizza Cutter, the winning design of the Sci-Fi category in our and MyMiniFactory’s design competition.

Tell us a bit about TED3D and what you do.

TED3D is a Greek startup located in Volos and involved in the field of 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D modeling etc. Added services also include laser cutting and engraving, Computational Vacuum Forming and Hydrography, Milling (CNC) and molding/casting. We got approval for a fund from the Greek government, through the EU, and we are hoping to officially open sometime in the near future.


When and how did you get into 3D modeling?

The profile of the team is based on engineering and design studies, so we actually started getting involved in modeling during our studies and later on developed also an interest for 3D printing.

Have you heard about VECTARY before the contest or was it your first VECTARY experience?

We knew about VECTARY sometime before, but we really got into it mostly through the contest.

We loved your “UFO Pizza Cutter”! Tell us more about how you came to design it? How did you get this idea?

One of our close friends in Volos, Greece, owns a pizza place and we were thinking of designing something for him. We love creating things that can be used in everyday life. We have this expression in Greek, this pizza is “out of space”, that gave us the idea. Also, we were eating pizza at the moment…he he!

You also had another great contest entry. What is your “Robot toothbrush and pen holder” all about?

The “Robot toothbrush and pen holder ” was also inspired by our need to produce something playful for the everyday life and useful as well (we are certainly missing a playful toothbrush/pen holder). The robot was also based on the idea of a friendly servant and the fact that robots are an everyday forum topic.

Both your pizza cutter and robot holder seem to be very practical. Did you 3D print them and use them already?

As we said before, we are very much into useful and practical ideas, and yes we finished our prototypes and are about to make them real with the preferred characteristics (filament wise).

Do you have a favorite feature in VECTARY?

I would say it’s the powerful mesh editing in an easy and free platform, as well as the smoothing feature.

How does your creative process usually look like?

Our creative process usually goes like this: brainstorming, hand sketches, 3D model try-outs, final picks and then the 3D printed prototypes.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it is based on an engineer’s and designer’s way of thinking (mostly because of our studies and previous work).

What advice would you give, from your own 3D modeling experience, to our VECTARY creators?

To carefully follow the tutorials and Help Center, and try out the plugins, I think that is the best advice I can give.

Do you think 3D modeling is already a big thing or are people into it just because they’d like to try out something new?

We think that 3D modeling is on the verge of becoming something big, especially when its functionality will play a major part in gaming.

What are you planning to design next?

We want to design anything and everything. In the months to come, we hope to show you many, many things from our side. Now we are into mechanical parts: we have produced two prototypes that met the clients’ needs (one for a labeling flexographic machine and one for the automotive industry).

Got a great, simple idea that you’d like to put into practice? With the free, online 3D modeling tool VECTARY, it’s easy to get started.