3D drawing - How to draw lines

DRAW LINES is a versatile tool that you can use to create 2D and 3D shapes.

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How to draw lines in 3D

(Shortcut D)

Use your mouse to draw lines. With every left button click you add new points connected with lines. Connect the lines to create polygons. Make sure you have the Snap to grid function enabled if you are drawing from scratch. 

Tips for 3D drawing

  1. Add a third dimension to your 2D shape. Right-click to finish your drawing. Your drawing is now selected and the gizmo control for the Move function will automatically appear. Now you can add a third dimension to your drawing. Press Shift to activate the Extrude function and drag the arrow to adjust the height.
  2. When you draw from scratch, it’s good to have the Snap to grid function enabled. You can also use the “Snap mid”, “Snap to middle”, “Snap to near”, “Snap division” or “Snap angle” functions.
  3. The red lines means that your polygons are not closed - there are holes in your model and it can’t be 3D printed. You can easily close them with the Cap open boundaries tool.
  4. You can redraw lines on your object, they will not be duplicated.

How to use free 3D drawing tool Hand Draw

Hold your mouse on DRAWING LINES and the HAND DRAW will appear next to it. Now you can draw lines as easily as drawing on paper. Just hold the left mouse button down. Vectary combines standard mesh modeling and subdivision modeling. This unique combination is most prominent when using the drawing tools. Creating a 3D object in Vectary is as simple as drawing a line. You can find the drawing functions in the left panel on the scene.