Bridge tool - How to connect objects with polygons

Connect points, lines or faces in your 3D project with polygons between them.s

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What is Bridge tool

(Shortcut: V)

Use this function to automatically connect two selected points, lines or faces. The Bridge tool works by constructing “a bridge of polygons”.

How to use the Bridge tool

  1. Enter the Edit mode - double click on any object or start from scratch - add a new object in the left panel.
  2. Select two points, lines or faces. They must not be already connected. They have to be in the same object for the Bridge tool to take effect.
  3. Click the Bridge icon in the bottom panel or press the v key.
  4. The Bridge jog wheel appears. You can adjust the strength, number of segments, twist, and change the continuity of the bridge.

Bevel Tip: Use the Bridge tool to make a hole in an object.