13. Create a new 3D object


Vectary’s editing tools are very helpful when you create a 3D model from scratch or decide to edit a model from the 3D assets library. In this article you will get familiar with the basic tools for creating 3D objects. Have a look at more tutorials and how-to articles to have these detailed steps explained. 

Most of the 3D mesh models are created from primitive shapes and fine-tuned by adding segments, beveling edges, and extruding and deforming the mesh to form the final shape. You’ve probably already tried to drag and drop 3D models from the assets library, now it’s time to create your own! 

start from scratch workspace

First you need to create a new object where your 3D shape is going to be placed. To do so:

1. Open the Objects List by clicking the objects list icon in the lower left corner of the workspace (shortcut shift+o). 

2. Click + New Object and a new item will appear in the Objects List. When you create a new object, your workspace will automatically switch to Edit mode.

3. Once you’re in Edit mode, you can choose from the 3D modeling toolbar a few tools which create primitive objects such as box, sphere, cylinder, tube, cone, polyhedron or torus. Draw your own mesh shapes with the Draw tool. 

You can edit a mesh model in Edit mode. To get into the Edit mode of an already existing object, you first need to select it. Double click on the object on the scene to get into Edit mode. You will see the mesh structure of the 3D model and a 3D modeling toolbar at the bottom of your workspace. 

edit mode workspace - create

How to draw basic objects: 

1. In the 3D modeling toolbar, select a shape from the Draw objects list (shortcut shift + d).

2. With the tool active, click on the scene (or the grid or surface of another object). With the first click you define the starting point of your shape.

3. Move your mouse a bit and see how your shape starts to change its size.

4. Confirm the size with a second click and continue moving your mouse in the 3rd direction and confirm again with a click.

5. A radial menu will appear where you can adjust your shape and add or reduce segments.

6. Click one last time to confirm and the menu will disappear. 

draw primitives

The number of options may vary depending on the shape you want to create. Some menu items in the radial menu can be dragged like a jog to set certain values. You can also click and then type the values you want in the input field. You can adjust the parameters of your shape (box segments, torus thickness, etc.) only when you create the shape for the first time. Once you confirm your shape, the mesh of this shape is baked and is no longer parametric. However, you can change the shape by scaling or using the cut and other tools. 

How to draw lines and polygons:

1. In Edit mode, choose the Draw Lines tool (shortcut “D”) from the 3D modeling toolbar. 

2. Use your mouse to draw lines. With every left button click, you add new points connected with lines. 

3. Connect the lines to create polygons. Make sure you have the Snap function enabled so your mouse click snaps to the nearest point when creating polygonal surfaces.

4. The Draw tool is “sticky” and, with each click, your mouse is followed by a yellow line which shows you the next line you are going to create. If you want to finish your drawing, press Enter or Esc on your keyboard.

polygon edit mode

You can re-draw lines on your mesh model, they will not be duplicated. With the active draw tool you can drag and rotate the scene with left mouse.  

The Hand Draw tool
The alternative Hand Draw tool lets your draw freehand just like you would do on a paper. Simply hold the left mouse button down while drawing. In the radial menu, adjust the parameters and confirm your drawing. 

How to create 3D text:

Creating 3D text in Vectary is easy and unbelievably fast. 

1. From the library categories at the bottom of your workspace, open the Add-ons category. 

2. Click the 3D text add-on. This places the default word “Example” at the center of your scene. You can also drag the 3D text add-on from the library to a specific place on the scene and the default text will be dropped and snapped to the object or empty space on the scene. 

3. This lists a 3D text object in the Objects Library and, when selected, you can change its parameters in the Properties panel on the right side of your workspace. 

3dtext addon