3. How to start creating 3D designs

There are three ways you can start a design in Vectary: customizing templates, collaborating on existing projects or creating everything from scratch.

Start with a template

Start with a template

The best way to get familiar with the new software is to customize templates. A template is a project created by designers in Vectary. Each template has instructions in the Comment tab.

Don’t miss our growing list of theme templates for many occasions and in different styles. You can replace or edit every single 3D object, light, material or image, and make your own designs. Discover the intuitive user interface, drag and drop items from the library, change parameters of lights, and render the final image in just a few seconds. 


Start with a blank project

If you are already familiar with Vectary and want to start with a blank scene, you can use all the features and assets from all the templates. 

Publish your original designs to online galleries such as Sketchfab or MyMiniFactory and get your work known to the world.

We generally advise our users to start off with a template. However, if you wish to create your own 3D model or build up the whole scene yourself, you can start creating from scratch in a new blank project.

Collaborate in a team 

Create your own team on your Vectary dashboard and let everyone in the team collaborate, share, and feedback your 3D design.