1. Introduction

Start with a template

VECTARY 3D Design Tool 

Vectary is an easy-to-use, online 3D tool where you can make awesome 3D designs. Customize templates or start your own project by assembling objects from a searchable library. With 3D assets from Google Poly and other connected repositories, the possibilities are endless. 

Create and edit 3D models in Edit mode, assign and adjust materials in Object mode. Importing images and 3D files is as easy as drag and drop. 

Invite others to collaborate or to view your projects. Watch what friends, schoolmates or your colleagues are doing, all in real time. 

With fast rendering, Facebook 3D post export, 3D printing options, and export to industry standard file formats, it’s all up to where your creativity takes you!

The best things in life are FREE 

We want you to have the full experience for free. And because there are so many ways to use Vectary, we don’t limit the time either. Get full access at no costs, with no trial version. Advanced subscription plans are available for users who need extra features and more space for their projects. 

What do I need to get such awesome results?

All you need is a computer with internet connection and NO previous 3D skills :) For those who already tried other design software, you will love Vectary’s simple user interface. 

Give it a try or have a look at our Learn articles that will guide you and help you get started.