6. Selection tools

Learn how to use selection tools and work with objects on a 3D scene.

Start with a template

There are a few intuitive principles on how to work with objects on your 3D scene. Vectary is known for the easiest UX / UI when it comes to assembling and editing of 3D assets and creating 3D models.


When a project is opened and the scene is loaded, it contains objects such as 3D assets or lights and cameras. You can select them by clicking on them in the scene or in the Objects list. The selected object will be highlighted with a thick, yellow border line

Hovering over objects will show you a white outline - this indicates what you are going to select if you click on them. 

Changing selection / multiple selections 

If you wish to select another object, simply click it. If you want to select multiple objects, hold the Shift key while clicking on them.


A 3D object in the Objects list and on the scene may be grouped with other objects. Grouping makes it easier to handle more objects on the scene when doing transformations such as moving and rotating them around one pivot point. Grouping is managed with shortcuts or in the Selections properties panel. Enter a group and its sub-groups with double clicks.

Note that entering a group does not ungroup your selection. When you are in an isolated group, you can select the desired object or a sub-group. You can leave a group by clicking outside the objects or hitting the “Esc” key on your keyboard.

To add another object to a group, you can hold the Shift key and click on multiple objects or groups. Group them and create sub-groups, or ungroup everything and group only the objects that you want to have included. 


Click in the empty area on the scene or press the Esc shortcut key to cancel your selection. Note that you can hit the Undo button (Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z) to go one step back (revert) to your previous selection.