3D assets from Vectary’s library may come packed with materials. 

You can change the materials on imported assets or on your own mesh models by simply dragging the materials from the Library onto the object or group on the scene. 

Adjust the material of your 3D objects by selecting an object and changing the parameters in the properties panel. Duplicated objects have linked materials which can be unlinked. 

The most frequently adjusted parameters are Roughness, Reflectivity, Metalness and Transparency. If you want certain parts of your model to shine, set their emission to 100% or more and enable the Bloom filter in the Post Process Effects panel. 

You can remove the base color texture from your material and keep all the other properties untouched. Vectary is constantly adding new Materials to the library. 

New features such as UV mapping and custom textures help take your creativity to the next level.