And the winners of our Christmas 3D design challenge are...

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We have officially wrapped up another great 3D print design competition together with MyMiniFactory and we’re happy to announce the well-deserving winners.

The main theme of the competition was Christmas decorations. Contestants had to create Christmas-inspired 3D models using the free, online 3D content creation tool Vectary and share them on our platform and on MyMiniFactory using our Export plugin.

We have been impressed once more by the creativity and originality shown with each 3D model submitted. There were many creators who printed their designs, which certainly helped them get bonus points from the Vectary and MyMiniFactory judges.

This time we also included a new Bonus Video Tutorials Category for which the entrants had to make an entertaining video tutorial to their creation process in Vectary and upload it to their YouTube channel. Suffice to say we were more than pleased with the results!

Without further ado, here are the winners and their beautiful 3D creations:


Winner of the Xmas design competition and of the main prize, an M-Jewelry 3D printer from MakeX:

“Pocket Nativity” by Joseph Larson

Winners-Christmas-3D-contest 1

We simply loved Joseph’s pocket-sized 3D creation and the idea and story around it. Inspired by a wooden puzzle made by his grandfather, Joseph recreated this nativity project for 3D printers. He also made a great video tutorial on it, so go ahead and check it out:

Winner of the Bonus Video Category and of a high-end video capture kit from AverMedia:

“Christmas Bauble” by Ilmar3Designs


Ilmar3Designs is already quite a prolific Vectary user and he submitted several entries in our Christmas design challenge. His creations of snowflakes stood out from the pack with their beautiful, intricate geometries. Have a look at his winning tutorial on how to create a one-of-a-kind, twisted star Christmas ornament:

Ilmar3Designs’ Twisted Star Bauble video tutorial:

Check out the playlist with 3D modeling video tutorials made by the participants.

Runners-up and receivers of two pre-orders for MakeX’s upcoming brand new MIGO desktop machine:

“Steemit Christmas Deco” by Peter Bock


We found Peter’s approach to designing his snowflake 3D model very interesting and fresh. He used a snowflake generator to create very detailed shapes which he perfected further in our 3D tool. The result speaks for itself.

“Mystery Clock” by Aleksandr Stremnev


What a charming and authentic Christmas ornament idea from Aleksandr Stremnev! He pleasantly surprised us with his elaborate mystery clock model. He also made a video tutorial on how to build the Christmas toy house which is the base of his clock.

Special mentions:

“Christmas Tree Sphere” by Carl Espzar

Winners-Christmas-3D-contest 5

“Xmas Beard Tree” by Mirco Rottermaier


“Xmas Fragmented Star” by RxR


“Santa’s Fortress of Solitude” by Kai Holmes


“Winter scene” by Attila Gazso


“Dwarf Santa” by Nikola N


“Reindeer Night” by Jonas Näsström


“Merry go round” by Jasmine Gay


Vase Mode Origami Snowflake Bauble by Clockspring


Gliding gingerbread man by naresh chandra


Reindeer bust by Lewis Manuel


A BIG “Thanks” to all the participants for your awesome works!

Have a look at all the competition entries.