AR Content Creator by Vectary

Vectary now supports Apple’s USDZ file export for ARKit 2.0. Anyone can now easily create AR content in their browser and for free!

Create AR for iOS 12

Vectary is the first online 3D design tool that enables anyone to create AR content for Apple’s ARKit / iOS 12.

The online 3D design tool Vectary now supports the export of USDZ files - Apple’s new AR content format supported on every iPhone or iPad with the new iOS 12. No coding skills required! 


Michal Koor, Vectary CEO and co-founder: 

We believe that easy AR content creation is what will really let the AR content go mainstream. Until recently, this was the domain of skilled developers and designers. Now, thanks to Apple, every iPhone and iPad on iOS 12 is an AR device. This is a great opportunity for e-commerce owners, bloggers and even every iMessage user - and our tool helps them to seize it.

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Create AR content in your browser

  • Create original AR content in the USDZ format for your online shop or any website 
  • Feature AR content by pasting the HTML code Vectary generates for you
  • Use millions of 3D assets from Vectary’s built-in library, including Google Poly, the Noun Project or Sketchfab.
  • Convert existing 3D models from STL, OBJ, DAE, GLB and glTF to USDZ.
  • Turn your logo, products, typography or merch into AR files
  • Create any 3D/AR content for Facebook 3D posts , Snapchat Lens Studio or AR advertising.  

The USDZ file export is available with Vectary's Premium plan.

Step by step: Embed AR on your website 

Read our step-by-step guide on how to embed AR files on your website, your Shopify store or your WIX website. The best part is you don't need coding skills to do it! Read the tutorial.

Convert 3D models to USDZ

If you have 3D models of your products, you can use Vectary to convert OBJ, STL, glTF, GLB and DAE files to USDZ for free. It is a much simpler way to create USDZ files than using the command line in Xcode 10. 

Go pro: Learn the basics of 3D modeling

Vectary's UI is designed to make 3D modeling as natural as possible for people who have no pro modeling skills yet. Vectary is used in many STEM classes today and this tutorial is the one students start with when they are learning about 3D modeling. 

You can learn 3D design quickly with Vectary because it's not as complicated as a pro 3D software, yet it's powerful enough to give you high-quality renders or AR files. Check out our tutorials on YouTube. You can also get started just by dragging and dropping objects, shapes and materials from our built-in library. If you have any questions, ask our community on Spectrum! It's where we hang out, too ;)


Updated, February 25th 2019: We updated our subscription plans and some features might not be a part of Free plan anymore. For more information check out pricing page.