Custom 3D printing with a click: VECTARY integrated Shapeways

Export 3D models directly to Shapeways and order right away!

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custom 3D printing vectary shapeways integration

Whether you’re a designer or DIY maker of any level, our new integration enables you to easily 3D design an idea online and for free in VECTARY, order a custom 3D print of your model on Shapeways right from our modeling tool, and comfortably have the physical object delivered to your place within just a few days.

It’s a seamless end-to-end experience to help you quickly get from a simple, original idea and 3D design to an end product, even if you don’t own a 3D printer. 

Order custom 3D prints seamlessly

You can choose from over 60 different materials and finishes on Shapeways, and their 3D printing pros will ensure you get a high-quality end product, whether it is metal jewelry, functional or decorative parts, scale models or prototypes.

If you’re already a Shapeways user but are unfamiliar with VECTARY, you may find that creating complex shapes and professional-looking 3D models can be done way easier and more quickly than with traditional 3D modeling tools. VECTARY’s parametric plugins also give you the flexibility to change your designs at any time and have more creative freedom.

How to use the Shapeways plug-in

Developed to be as intuitive to users as possible, you can find the Shapeways plugin directly in the 3D editor. After you’re done designing your 3D model, all you need to do to activate it is click on +Add plugin in the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Shapeways” from My Plugins. After a quick geometry check of your model and selecting the desired material, you send it to Shapeways with just one click and continue with your order there.

How to add the Shapeways plugin

What’s next

As we constantly update and improve our plugins, in our next iteration we plan to integrate VECTARY business accounts with Shapeways. This will give you the possibility to sell your original work directly on Shapeways so you can start making money.


We will soon release tutorials for those of you who would like to get started with our Shapeways plugin and 3D print the beautiful models you created in VECTARY. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos!