Win an amazing 3D printer worth $3,600!

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Join VECTARY’s and MyMiniFactory’s 3D design competition and take home the main prize – an amazing M-Jewelry 3D printer from MakeX worth $3,600!

You can also win one of the many other prizes we have ready for you:

  • 4 x STARTT 3D printers
  • VECTARY swag bag
  • 5 free private model slots (for every participant)

How to enter and win the 3D printer:

  1. Create a project with VECTARY.
  2. Use the MyMiniFactory Exporter plugin to send your project to MyMiniFactory (to do so, click + Add plugin and then select MyMiniFactory Exporter).
  3. Publish your work on VECTARY (Click on Publish button in the 3D editor or in the project detail)
  4. Deadline is 17th of September 2017. 

No time to create things from scratch? Check our tutorials and 3D templates to get you started. 

3D Jewelry tutorial

Rings, necklaces, bracelets. We have many tutorials that you can use as inspiration. Find out more on our blog.

3D Vase tutorial

There's nothing easier than creating a vase with our Revolve plugin. Check our tutorials:

Sci-fi theme tutorials 

This category is quite broad. Anything from the future can be included here: robots, spaceships, crazy inventions…

Smartphone accessories tutorials

Whether it's a case or a nice smartphone holder, everything smartphone related belongs here.

Hurry up! The competition ends 17th of September 2017!

Ready to get home the main prize?

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