Vectary for Figma: 3D mockups and elements for teams

Create design systems in 3D and share them with your team in Figma

Get Vectary plugin for Figma

Are you already enjoying Vectary 3D mockups and elements in Figma? There is more! Bring your 3D designs to the next level. Now you can connect your Vectary account with Figma and load all your personal or team assets automatically.

How to get your 3D design systems to Figma

  1. First, log in to your Vectary account
  2. Create a team on your Vectary dashboard
  3. Create your custom 3D elements from scratch or import them with drag and drop. Vectary supports the import of more than fifty 3D formats. If you want to have a replaceable texture in your Vectary model in Figma, name the object and its material as "_switchable"
  4. Go to Embed tab and click Generate embed
  5. Go back to your Vectary Dashboard. Drag and drop your embedded project to your team.
  6. Go to your Vectary account settings to generate an access token.
  7. Open Vectary 3D plugin in Figma, to access your personal and team projects. In My Models tab, log in to Vectary by entering your access token.
  8. To share the team projects with your colleagues, invite them to your team Vectary dashboard. 

What are 3D design systems and how you can use them

A design system is a collection of reusable graphic components or style guides, which define a common visual language for product teams. The visual identity evolves continuously and with 3D becoming a part of our design process, it now includes 3D elements as well. 

Example of 3D design systems

Branding elements

An excellent example of a 3D design system in practice is Framer and their Learn section. They have a set of 3D elements and by combining them they create unique header visuals. Have a look at how awesome they are!



Another example could be an e-commerce site. If you are selling physical products, it's good to have them in 3D so you can let your design team decide which angle works the best for you.


Packaging mockups

Create custom 3D packages, and let your design team create new branding in Figma. 


More updates you should try in Figma

  • New 3D elements added to Gallery.
  • Now you can customize Figma mockups in Vectary.
  • Added "Export as frame" button that reads the replaceable texture properties and creates a new frame with the corresponding size for you to change (on supported models)