Low poly heart vase: The story behind our most popular 3D model

Don't mesh with my heart!

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low poly heart vase 3D model vectary blog main image.jpg

Recently we released a nice low poly heart vase created with our free, online 3D modeling tool VECTARY. The model was not only featured on MyMiniFactory, but also became the 3D model of the week on Solidsmack!

Not many people know this, but the heart is not just some random low poly creation. It has a real meaning to us. :)

We have a bunch of original VECTARY t-shirts we love to wear and one of them is a low poly heart.


Low poly heart became the symbol of our team life Instagram account, too!


After two and a half years of developing VECTARY, the first wedding in our team was about to take place (yay!), so we decided to give our colleague Teo something special. He seems to like it, doesn’t he? :)


The original low poly heart was remodeled, holes were added to the arteries and voila: the perfect low poly vase or pencil holder came to life!

The model was 3D printed with Zortrax M200. It took almost 30 hours to print this giant heart. But the result was totally worth it!

What was missing was the color — so we just sprayed three shades of violet paint. No sanding was required.

Looks awesome, right?

heart vase square 1080x1080.jpg

You can easily download and customize the original 3D model directly in VECTARY.

Here’s a tip on how you can add the name of your loved one — you can choose from a library of over 800 fonts with our new Google Fonts plugin.

As Josh from Solidsmack wrote, Valentine’s Day is coming (it’s just 5 months away :). But why wait so long?