Introducing Vectary 3.0: The future of the web is 3D and AR

Vectary is closing the gap between web design and mixed reality.


Immersive reality and 3D are going to change how we use the web. The shift is already happening thanks to you, our users. More than 70% of all Vectary exports are made for augmented reality and Facebook 3D posts. We’ve been listening to your feedback and over the past few months, we have been diligently working on improving our tool and the overall experience. 

The tool is versatile and powerful enough to handle most things designers need to create visually appealing 3D content, yet at the same time, it is easy enough to use that beginners can master the basics of 3D design. In this new version, we’re bringing you a whole new set of tools such as modifiers, deformers, generators, and parametric primitives. Vectary is also making the move to become the first 3D and Augmented reality CMS for the web.

Meet the first 3D and AR CMS for the web


Think how easy it is to put video content on your website these days. Just paste a piece of embed code and it’s there. Thanks to Vectary, you can do the same with 3D objects. Not only can your visitors see your product in 360 degrees, but they can experience in augmented reality through their iPhone as well. Unlike other viewers out there you can edit your design anytime with a powerful 3D design tool and update it on your site immediately.

This is a game changer for web designers and e-commerce businesses. According to a Grainger research on 360° product image in e-commerce, products with a special rotation view show increased conversion rates up to 47%. 

AR could be a powerful tool for e-commerce. Eyerim, an online store selling designer glasses, implemented an online virtual mirror for their customers via their webcam. Conversions of visitors who tried it, compared to those who didn't, increased 400 - 800% in some markets.

Case studies wanted:

We are very curious to hear how our 3D/AR viewer has helped your business. Have you observed an increase in conversions like sales, pre-orders, average time on page? Let us know at

A more intuitive UI

The flow between 3D design, assembling 3D objects and sharing becomes significantly more intuitive and accessible. Most of the amazingly simple edit tools you got used to, stay the same. The difference is that we decided to unify the tools in one place, in this case, the top panel, so we can make place for more in the future. 


New step-by-step tutorials to get you started

You’ve been calling for a step-by-step onboarding tutorial that will introduce you to Vectary basics. And now it’s here. You will be able to learn and create your first 3D design within 5 minutes. More in-depth tutorials are coming soon. Stay tuned.


Deformers and generators that do the work for you

This is what many of you’d been waiting for: Magic tools that can turn any simple object into 3D perfection. Together we are introducing 17 new tools that will take your Vectary experience to the next level. Just to mention a few: Symmetry, Arrays, Booleans, Bend, Twist, Stretch or Spherify. Take a look for yourself. 


It's worth mentioning that Smoothing, the popular Edit Mode feature, has had its name changed to Subdivision Surface. It can now be found as part of the Deform tools in Object mode.

Parametric Primitives you can change at any time

There are two ways to draw simple primitives in Vectary now. In Edit mode, you draw a shape like you’ve been used to. New Parametric primitives in Object mode allow you to set specific parameters in the side panel. You can change them at any time during your creative process.


New Library facelift and more space for creation

Probably the most visible change in the Vectary 3.0 editor is the repositioning of the Library from the bottom bar. Previously, the Library took almost a third of your working space. Now it is located in the right panel where you can easily activate it with a simple click on the top icon. 

We are also introducing Collections. These will provide you with sets of assets, materials, and environments that already complement each other and have been designed in the same style. We’d love to bring more curated collections in the future made by your favorite 3D artists.


Dark mode

Dark mode is not just a hot trend of 2019. If you prefer working at night your eyes will appreciate this little feature. According to an article published in Time Magazine, Dr. Joshua Dunaief, a Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, recommends to turn down the brightness to as low a level as possible, while still seeing things clearly. Our dark mode should help in relieving your eyestrain, especially when you are working late.


New subscription plans and packages

Another large change is the overhaul of our subscription plans. By bringing more and more pro features to our tool, it became necessary to change our pricing too. Many of you have already seen the value that Vectary brings to your daily workflow - from faster 3D prototypes to simpler 3D file conversions and beautiful 3D designs.

We thought long and hard about it and wanted to deliver a product that gives you a great bang for your buck. We realized that the previous 3 plans just don’t cut it. 

The subscriptions differ depending on the features, bandwidth, and number of people working on projects in Vectary. 

We still have a Free subscription plan in place, with all the 3D design functionalities unlocked so you can try it out and learn 3D design. What we limited compared to the previous free version is the export options and number of projects. While introducing many new features that remain free. 

At the same time, we decided to significantly lower the price, so the barrier between the beginner and pro tools is no greater than the average price of an avocado toast breakfast at your favorite cafe.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is aimed at freelance designers and small agencies and costs $9 a month. It also means that you’re saving $10 from the previously advertised price of $19 for the same Premium plan. 

All of our existing Free users are getting this premium account for free for the first month. 


Studio and Company packages

When you want to grow your business you can top-up your account with the Studio and Company packages: Both are aimed at small to large companies or in-house teams for businesses, so you can choose a plan according to the size of your team. 

If you are a teacher or school, you will get the highest package for free. All you need to do is to send us an inquiry via our Pricing page and ensure that your Vectary profile has been set up with your educational establishment email address.

Users paying for the older packages will be automatically transitioned to the more stacked Studio package for free for the next 12 months as a token of our gratitude.


Enterprise package

We understand that sometimes the subscriptions aren’t a one size fits all deal and that you may need something really specific. That’s where our Enterprise plan comes into play. You can contact us and we’ll create one tailored to your specific needs. 

In the end, we want to thank you for all the support and feedback we have got from you - our users. Without you, there would be no Vectary - so here is a big hug from the Vectary team.

We will be glad to receive your feedback on our Spectrum forum.