Best 3D models from the VECTARY and MyMiniFactory competition!

Check out the winners from each category!

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What a contest that was! With over 400 entries in just a few weeks time, we were kept on our toes trying to decide on the winners.

The 3D design competition had four themes — Jewelry, Vases, Smartphones and Sci-Fi — with participants able to enter as many categories as they wanted. Each competitor had to create a 3D model using our free, online 3D modeling tool VECTARY, publish it on our platform and on MyMiniFactory using our new Export plugin.


Best 3D models

It was great to see so many beautiful and interesting designs being created, and the panel of judges from MyMiniFactory and VECTARY had a hard time picking the best ones from all the categories. What impressed us is that even total beginners in our tool created quite complex shapes which we usually see on a pro level. As the creator of the tool, that makes us very proud.

To sum it all up, here are the results:

Overall winner of the MakeX 3D printer: “Chicken Tank ” by Radek Szczepanczyk (ElDonaldo)


We were amazed with the execution of this Chicken Tank 3D model. It surpassed most of the entrances. Radek was really pushing the limits of our free, online 3D modeling tool. Soon we’ll publish an interview with the winner, so stay tuned!

Winner of the Jewelry category: “Pendant 2” by Attila Gazso


Subtle beauty — this is what best describes this 3D design. Minimalist jewelry is a thing right now and Attila’s design proves it. The winner got bonus points not only for the 3D model itself, but also for the presentation with nice photography, too. Furthermore, he also created earrings and another necklace as part of the series.

Winner of the Vase category: “Lace-Up Tiled Vase” by Clockspring


The Vase category contest was very strong. But this model stood out from the pack: a lace vase combining 3D printing technique and traditional embroidery. The vase itself was made from four pieces of tiles, and what makes it beautiful is not just the simplicity of the idea, but the variability, too. 

All of Clockspring’s submissions were very high level. We hope to see more beautiful models from him again.

Winner of the Smartphone accessories category: “Turtle Case” by Robert Doughty


VECTARY is the ideal tool for low poly designs and the winner of the smartphone accessories category is a nice example of that. Robert, the author of the design, wrote: “I often see animals hidden in designs, and when I noticed that this guy was starting to look like a turtle, I had to take that idea and run with it.” And this is exactly the design process that you can easily apply with VECTARY — just brainstorming, concepting, searching for ideas that might end up as a nice design at the end.

Winner of the Sci-Fi category: “UFO Pizza Cutter” by TED3D


Great design is not just about complexity, but the idea itself. And that’s why we picked the UFO Pizza Cutter as the winner of the Sci-Fi category. It’s a funny, simple idea that combines practicality and toy play. We think it has the essence of the VECTARY philosophy — you don’t need to be a pro designer to be able to turn ideas into real products.

Runners up

Here is a list of the authors that have been shortlisted. If you find yourself on this list, you have already been contacted and we’ll send you some nice VECTARY goodies. ❤Scroll down the list below and you’ll get a nice preview on the variety of things that can be created with our free, online 3D modeling tool VECTARY.


Battlement Ring by Nanna Larsen


Necklace_VG01 by Vlad


Atom Jewelry by Naomi McDonald


Parametric Pendant by Federico Tonini


Medical ID Bracelets by Clockspring


Hummingbird Necklace Pendant by Lewis Manuel


Skeleton Diamond Tie Clip by Michal Fanta


“Tachy” Headband by Maureen Nemetski



Books Stack Vase by Thibaud Juin


Abstract Twist Vase by Chris Bobo


Project by Lorenz Ballenweg


Palm Vase by Adrien Unger


Suspended Vase by Andrew Reynolds


Organic Freak by Johanna Rydeman


Ruby Vase by Federico Tonini


Bottle Rocket Vase by Robert doughty


The Coronet Vase by Enish Pastagia


Pretty Neck Vase by Jagrut Kaptan


Smartphone accessories

Spinning Rotary iPhone 7 cover by Maureen Nemetski


Pebble iPhone Dock by Ervin Moreno


iPhone 7 fragmented cover by Federico Tonini


Smartphone Headlamp Mount by Clockspring


Drogo Smart Phone Stand by Hendo


Cheerful Phone Holder by Thanasis Basil



Steam Dozer Willy by Michael Hersel


Time Machine Stationery Holder by Rei.T


Portals Bookends by Rei.T


BunRocket2 by Benjamin Charles Baker


Space Robot Marionette by Clockspring


Special mention:

Ostrichopper by Ján Smarž


Thanks to all the participants for your awesome works!

What would you like to 3D model in the next challenge? Write us in the comments below.