Making collaboration in 3D more accessible

Every Premium plan customer can now invite their colleagues, clients or friends to collaborate on projects.


Would you like to invite your colleagues into VECTARY to view or edit your 3D projects?

Would it be helpful to invite your clients for a 3D preview instead of sending 10 screenshots of different views in case your clients don't own a 3D software?

Does decluttering the local desktops of your team members and making sure they all have access to the latest model version sound appealing?

Would you want to avoid saving and sending big 3D files locally in order to forward it to your colleagues and clients?

Would you like to create several versions of the same project in one place?

Would you like to always have an overview of any updates within your collaborating team?

All of the above functionalities are now available in the updated and enhanced Vectary Premium subscription plan.

What have we added to the Premium plan

  • Collaboration functionalities - 3 teams with unlimited folders, Inviting View and Edit members feature, Notifications & Activity Log and 3D comments
  • Inviting View Member to a team is included in the Premium plan 
  • Inviting Edit member to a team is charged with 12$ monthly per member
  • Separated personal and team space on the dashboard
  • Increased number of projects from 100 to unlimited
  • Increased viewer bandwidth from 1GB to 10GB

How does collaboration work in the new Premium plan

How to create a team and invite a team member

  1. Go to dashboard and click on “Create a new team” button to create a new team, add a team name and create folders.
  2. Click on the newly created team and on the team’s dashboard click on “+Invite” button in the upper right corner.
  3. In the “Team management” dialog window type the email address of the person you want to invite to the team. In the dropdown menu choose whether they should have a “View” access (where they can only open the project and see it in 3D space without the possibility to comment or edit the project) or “Edit” access (where they can open, comment and edit projects and folders). Inviting View members is free of charge for Premium plan subscribers, while inviting Edit members is charged with a $12 monthly fee per member.

How to manage team members

  1. Choose the team you want to manage - click on the name of the team on the dashboard
  2. Click on “+Invite”. A “Team management” dialog window opens where you can see all the invited team members and their access rights. 
  3. Click on the dropdown menu near a team member and choose the action: change their right or remove them from your team.

How to create folders in a team

  1. On the dashboard click on the folder icon next to the team
  2. Name the folder. You can create as many folders as you need.
  3. To add a project to the folder just drag and drop it to the folder name on the dashboard panel to the left.

How to see activities in your team

Click on the bell icon on the dashboard and the Notifications & Activity Log appears.

How to create a 3D comment

  1. Open a project within your team
  2. In the editor, click on the Comment tab.
  3. Click anywhere on the 3D object to add a 3D comment.
  4. Now every team member with edit rights can open the project and see your comments.


What happens if I’m already paying for older Vectary plans?

If you are already a subscriber to the previous Vectary Premium plan, your account has been automatically updated with the new features and functionalities but you keep the original price of the Premium plan as you bought it.

We recommend our subscribers with previous Vectary Studio and Company plans to switch to the new Premium plan since all the collaboration features and functionalities from Studio and Company package are now available in the Premium plan. By switching to the Premium plan, the current Studio and Company subscribers can lower their monthly invoice sum for our services.

Do I have to pay in order to try 3D collaboration on Vectary?

Yes, all the collaboration functionalities are part of the paid Premium plan. However, there are many 3D designing features that you can use and have fun with in the Free plan.