The best of Vectary 2019


2019 was a game-changing year for Vectary. From a browser-based 3D editor, we have evolved into a fully-featured 3D design tool and sharing platform, which empowers thousands of designers every single day on their journey to 3D and AR design. And we are loving every step of it! Here are some amazing milestones we got to hit over last year, also thanks to you!

March 2019: Vectary 3.0 has landed!

We have introduced Vectary 3.0 with more intuitive UI, generative tools, Library, and much more. The future of the web is 3D and AR.

May 2019: A 3D/AR viewer supporting iPhones and Androids

Placing 3D and AR to your website is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Moreover, the viewer supports both iPhones and Androids!

June 2019: Import more than 60 file formats

No need to start designing from scratch or using the Vectary library assets. If you have a 3D file, you can import it with drag and drop. Now you can import more than 60 formats. Need another type of 3D format? Vectary is a beast when it comes to converting your 3D files. 

July 2019: 3D UI maker: Turn your 2D SVG to 3D

Discover the easiest way to create UI for 3D and AR. Meet Vectary’s new advanced SVG import feature.

August 2019: Making collaboration accessible

Our team features - such as collaboration and 3D comments are now accessible to all Premium users.

September 2019: Experimental Viewer API

Thinking about developing your own interactive 3D web app. Now you can do it with Vectary. Check out our Viewer API on Github.

October 2019: Templates are back!

Vectary templates are ready-made projects you can use to create your designs. Don’t worry about light and scene settings, get amazing results without a sweat.


November 2019: Real 3D mockups and elements for Figma

We have brought the third dimension to Figma with the Vectary 3D plugin. In just two months, the plugin has had more than 20K installs and it’s among the most installed Figma plugins!

November 2019: Vectary Photon: Photorealistic rendering for everyone!

It’s like photography, where you can control everything! Create professional 3D images without the need to learn complicated 3D software. Start with beautiful pre-defined templates, use millions of assets and render a photorealistic image with just one click. Read more.

December 2019: Learn 3D tutorials

We prepared a bunch of tutorials that make 3D designing a piece of cake for you. Make sure to check them out.

And now we welcome 2020. There is no doubt more groundbreaking things are coming our way. Join us in this quest and design your 3D best!