Changing the way design teams work together

VECTARY update: Collaboration for teams with drag-and-drop object library and rendering!

Try the new Vectary

We are glad to announce that a new and improved Vectary 2.0 is ready for you to use. There are exciting new features for both 3D pros and beginners, so read on to learn about everything Vectary has to offer.

With this release, we build on the foundation and original mission of Vectary, which is to make creating and sharing of 3D content easier for everyone. Designers can now create and collaborate seamlessly in one space - think of Google Docs for 3D design. 

Each 3D scene works like a shared online document where multiple users edit the design and write feedback in real time. Complete with a full mesh modeling toolkit and library, it is the ideal tool for freelancers, in-house and remote design teams. Working together in Vectary looks something like this:  

From now on you are able to: 

  • Create 3D designs with easy drag and drop
  • Render high quality images
  • Collaborate in real time on any 3D scene

Along with these features we also introduce a new look for our website and a simplified UI. We hope you like it! Now let’s go through the features one by one.   

Work together: Real-time collaboration for teams

Online teams can now collaborate on one 3D scene in real time. Up to three designers can edit one scene simultaneously. To enable collaboration, click the Invite button in the upper right corner and share the URL it generates for you, or simply share the link from the browser, just like you would with a Google doc. 

Vectary collaboration tools

Team collaboration is a perfect example of why we built Vectary for the browser. Thanks to this, sharing of 3D projects within companies or teams is hardly a hassle anymore. There's no need for the recipient to have any 3D software installed to view and edit the scene. 3D can be easily sent and added to projects, pushing design boundaries and bringing new dimensions to visuals and experiences on the web. 

Have beautiful-looking results in seconds: Real-time rendering

The wait for renders is over with real-time rendering in Vectary. Rendering is now seamlessly integrated into our tool to make your workflow smoother than ever. You can render your scenes in seconds by clicking the button on the right side. 

Vectary real-time rendering

This update enables thousands of designers to dive into 3D and have a good looking result on the same day.

Easy as can be: Drag-and-drop design 

In Vectary 2.0 you can create 3D scenes by dragging and dropping objects from our library. The library includes thousands of objects and materials. It’s a really simple way to create 3D visuals for graphic design, typography, games, web design or any other project you are working on. You can always go deeper and edit the geometry of your shapes with a double click.  

Vectary easy drag-and-drop 3D modeling

Use our rich library of objects and materials 

You have two choices when starting a design project in Vectary - either open a 3D template or start off with a blank scene. You can add objects from our library to both of them. 

Drag and drop library in Vectary

The main library includes objects, materials, environments and lights created by our designers. Choose something that you like and drop it onto the 3D scene. A gizmo that lets you scale and move the object will appear. You can connect your MyMiniFactory and Google Poly accounts and load them into your library. Sketchfab and Thingiverse libraries are coming soon! 

You can also search the library for keywords. Soon, you’ll be able to add your own assets to the library, too. 

Edit shapes with a double click

Want to edit the shape? Just double click it and use any of the powerful 3D modeling tools at your disposal. You will see a small menu appear above the object library with the options to edit the geometry. 

edit mode
Enter the Edit mode with a double click and change the geometry

Get started with templates

Templates are starting points for graphic designers who want to create their first 3D scene. They include pre-rendered objects, textures and lights arranged in a composition that you can easily edit and fill with objects so it better suits your style. When you're done, rotate the scene and export images taken from multiple angles. The results should be pretty amazing. Scroll to the bottom to browse the whole template gallery. 

3D mockups: Present your design work better

Use these templates to craft your own 3D presentation kit of mockups for your app or website. You can choose a template or design your own composition and place 2D images on the face of your chosen device. There are plenty of devices in our library that you can choose from.  

3D city builder

This template is very handy for those who want to build a city very quickly. Setting up the layout is one of the most time consuming parts of city building, so this template lays down the city groundwork for you to edit and move around. 

Isometric illustrations: 3D room builder and digital art

If you're in love with isometric rooms and would like to build one yourself, this template will easily make you an instant pro, you just need to bring your creativity to it! You can find all the necessities like furniture or houseplants in our Objects library. The template scene is also tilted at the appropriate 45 degree angle. If you want to start creating isometric rooms from scratch, just search for "room" in the Objects library.

3D greeting cards

If you're a 3D geek like us, sending 3D greeting cards should sound pretty cool to you, too. You can change the text on most of these and add new objects to personalize them. When you are done, just share the link or export as an image and e-mail. We’d love to receive one, actually. And how about sharing them as a Facebook 3D post? Vectary can do it all.

Let’s start creating!

You don’t really need a manual to get started. However, a quick look in our Getting started section might help you to kick it off. More tutorials are coming soon, so go ahead and let us know what you would like to learn. 

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