The Vectary Viewer now supports AR on both iPhones and Androids

By using the Vectary 3D/AR Viewer on your website, every kind of visitor has an interactive 3D or AR experience.


Having a built-in immersive experience on the website is now even more accessible for web designers, bloggers, and e-commerce owners. In Vectary, they can easily import or create a 3D design and put it on their website as quickly as a YouTube video - with an embed code. Now Vectary has started supporting augmented reality on Androids too! Augmented reality is provided thanks to ARcore technology - which is currently supported on more than 400 million Android devices.

Vectary 3D/AR Viewer example:

Check this blog on Safari browser on iPhone or Chrome browser on Adroid and click on the AR badge to get the AR experience.

Every kind of visitor can have a 3D or AR experience:

1. Desktop: 3D

Your product or 3D design as an interactive 3D element - they can rotate, zoom, or pan it. You can also set different kinds of settings in the 3D viewer.

2. iPhone: 3D and AR

The Vectary Viewer has built-in ARkit technology for iPhones - it has to be visited on devices that have iOS12 and above installed and using the Safari browser.

3. Android: 3D and AR

The Vectary Viewer supports the Scene Viewer - an ARcore solution for Androids. Works on the Chrome browser. Check supported devices

How to implement the Vectary 3D/AR viewer on your website:

  1. Open the Vectary editor. Import a 3D model of your product or create a 3D design from scratch. Set the default view of your 3D model - this will be shown in the Viewer. Tip: if you want your design to cast shadows, place a Shadow Plane on the grid from the Object menu: Object tab > Primitives > Shadow Plane.
  2. Click on the Embed tab and then on the Generate Embed button. Generating the embed will take a while. After it’s done, you can further customize it by setting parameters such as autoplay, turntable or animated preloader.
  3. Copy the <iframe> code and paste it on your website. You can check specific instructions on Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and more coming soon.
  4. If you decide to change anything in your design - just open your Vectary project, make the changes, and click on the Generate Embed button again. The changes will be automatically distributed on every site you embedded the Viewer.
  5. When visiting the site on iPhone with Safari browser or Android on Chrome browser an AR badge appears. Each visitor now can see it in augmented reality.

More new features you can find in the Vectary Viewer:

  1. Max texture size option to reduce the size of the embedded model
  2. Web embed customizations: Autoplay - starts the 3D viewer automatically without the play button. Turntable - rotates the scene automatically. Show preloader - shows the loading progress animation until the scene is fully loaded.
  3. Over 60 more file formats that can be imported, including FBX

Coming soon: 3D Viewer API with customizable viewer elements and settings.


Is the Vectary 3D/AR Viewer paid?

You can use the Vectary 3D/AR Viewer on your website for free. However, there are a few limitations with the free version: a watermark and limited bandwidth. Check our pricing to learn more.

How can I optimize the size of the model?

Go to Export Quality settings and reduce the texture size. The smaller size of the model keeps your site speed optimized. Read more tips on our forum.