Happy 2019!

Vectary 3.0 sneak peek

Open Vectary

2019 is almost here and we can hardly wait as in the new year we are going to go live with the improved Vectary 3.0. 

Before we give you a sneak peek at how it looks, let us share this interesting stat: this year you spent more than 10 million minutes creating in 3D with Vectary.

Thanks to the time you spent creating in Vectary and all of the feedback we got from you, we were able to tailor the tool and make it fit your needs even more. 


You will get

  • A workspace optimized for smoother designing 
  • Curated collections of 3D assets and materials
  • 12 brand new editing tools
  • Extended export and share options 
  • A new set of tutorials to help you learn faster
3D modeling graphic design vectary sneak peek UI.jpg
Sneak peek at the Vectary 3.0 user interface

Our goal with this update is to give you a smarter workspace that will make the experience of creating 3D designs in Vectary smoother. It will also provide you with all of the editing tools and assets you need to get the job done much more quickly and efficiently. 

We want to help you learn new skills faster and empower you to take on creative projects you never thought you were skilled enough to do. 

And there's more to come!

This new layout gives us a great base for growing Vectary's functionality, so let us know if there is anything that you're missing. If you want to become one of our testers and get access first, email us at support@vectary.com.     

Thank you for being part of Vectary and Happy 2019!