VECTARY 1.0 beta is public! Start 3D modeling right now

3D modeling tool that runs in the browser

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3D modeling vectary 1.0 beta launch

Here we are!

Launching our first public beta and we couldn’t be more excited of what we hope it’s going to be the beginning of a 3D revolution. Whether you are a DIY creator or maker, you can now start creating 3D models by simply opening a browser and setting up a free VECTARY account. You’ll get instant access, with no waiting lists or any pre-approvals needed.

We initially started off with a closed beta testing program and gave access to a limited list of 10,000 Early Bird subscribers to try out the new features. One of the main things we focused on during development was the user experience. We got valuable feedback from our Early Birds and used it to shorten and ease up the learning curve for those of you who are modeling in VECTARY for the first time.

Intuitive 3D modeling with a focus on user experience

Accessible from the cloud and with an intuitive interface, we’ve built VECTARY as a combination of mesh modeling, subdivision modeling and parametric design. This allows you to easily create and customize complex 3D models by playing with parameters or editing the mesh structure of other designs. With an ever-growing list of parametric plugins, you will be able to experiment and create shapes that would normally take you much longer to design in other tools.

Key features available for easy-to-use 3D modeling

The public beta brings some new key features and improvements to make your 3D modeling easier than ever:

1. Simplified 3D Modeling Editor


2. Smarter Help Center — accessible directly from the 3D editor


3. Step-by-step tutorials — to instantly turn you into a 3D designer


4. A larger list of Plugins — Joints & Wires, Wheels, Mirroring, Array and Revolve


5. Creating Subdivisions (smoothing feature)


6. Hand Draw and Draw Lines — unique drawing tools


7. Interactive Help — easy to enable, it explains each function by simply hovering your mouse over an icon


8. Magnetic View — snapping of an object when rotating



9. Upgraded Weld Tool — developed to collapse (weld) multiple connected selections separately


10. Upgraded Cut Tool


11. Newly Designed Jogs


12. Improved Selections


13. Option to merge layers


14. Community platform — for you to share your work with your friends on social networks even if they are not signed up with VECTARY.


What’s next

We’re just getting warmed up, so meanwhile, we will continue developing the beta and add more useful plugins that do the work for you. We have new paid subscription plans in the works for businesses and enterprises. And will be soon making them available for those who plan to use their 3D models commercially.We would also like to encourage and see more of you showcasing your 3D designs on VECTARY so we can build together a stronger community.