VECTARY integrates MyMiniFactory for easy creation of printable 3D models

Import and export models from the Vectary editor directly to

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We partnered up with the world’s largest independent 3D printing social platform MyMiniFactory to smooth the way for you to create and share printable 3D models! 

The collaboration between VECTARY and MyMiniFactory came about quite naturally, with both companies sharing the same vision of getting more people around the world to 3D model and 3D print. By bringing our communities together we believe that we’re one step closer to making 3D modeling accessible to everyone and slowly, but surely change the face of the 3D industry.


Share your printable 3D models and get recognized

We integrated in the tool’s editor two plugins — one for exporting of printable 3D models to MyMiniFactory, and the other for import — both of which you can access with just one click to save you plenty of time and let you focus more on 3D modeling.


Export and import

The Export plugin allows you to share your VECTARY projects with MyMiniFactory’s large audience of designers and 3D printer owners. With lots of companies going there in search for inspiration and solutions, this makes a great opportunity for your work to get featured and noticed. 

The platform also houses design competitions on a regular basis (we have a surprise for you coming soon!). Besides the consistent prizes that you can win, you can also get recognized by big brands and add value to your portfolio.


The Import plugin is meant to bring more diversity and inspiration to your design projects. You can choose from over 30,000 3D objects to import from MyMiniFactory to VECTARY. All of the 3D designs are pre-tested and guaranteed for 3D printing so you don’t waste time handling broken files. 

Once in VECTARY, you can edit their design, customize them to your liking or completely re-shape them, and then you can download the .stl file for your 3D printer or order a 3D print directly from our tool.


How to use the Myminifactory plugin


Once you’re done and happy with your 3D model in VECTARY, you can share it to MyMiniFactory’s 3D printing platform right from the editor. To activate the plugin, click +Add plugin at the bottom right of the scene and, from My Plugins, select the MyMiniFactory Exporter plugin. In the box that appears, log in to MyMiniFactory and then click Send to MyMiniFactory. This will send the model for approval to be uploaded under your MyMiniFactory profile. Once you receive the email confirmation, click on the link in the email to see your model on the MMF page.



You can also import thousands of guaranteed 3D printable models from MyMiniFactory directly to our free, online 3D modeling tool. To activate the Import plugin, click +Add plugin at the bottom right of the scene and, from My Plugins, select the MyMiniFactory Import plugin. In the box that appears, log in to MyMiniFactory and then find a model using the keyword search. Choose from the gallery the object that you want and click it to add it to the scene. You can opt to edit it further or 3D print it using our Shapeways plugin.

Plugins in Vectary 1.0

We made available video tutorials for those of you who would like to put to good use the MyMiniFactory plugins, so go ahead and check them out. Ready to share your 3D models with the world and become a superstar designer?!