Vectary Affiliate Program

Help us grow and earn 10% commission with each Premium plan sold.

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Are you a blogger, a vlogger, a content platform creator, or a company with an audience interested in design, augmented reality or education? Join the Vectary affiliate program and earn a 10% commission with each Premium payment.

Why join the Vectary Affiliate Program

Create a passive income

One Premium user will be bringing you a commission as long as they stay subscribed.

Jump on the wave

3D design skills are required in almost all industries - from web design to e-commerce, and the demand will only grow. Everybody will need to know how to create 3D content easily. Build your position now.

Safe and simple

Get your commission payout once a month safely and securely to your Paypal or Bank account. See the metrics on how successfully is your affiliate link performing.

How to join the Vectary Affiliate Program

  1. Create a vendor account on the payment service Paddle.
  2. In the Affiliate section click on “Get Affiliate Link”
  3. Copy the link and add it to your video description, article, or website
  4. Each sale made by the visitor within 10 days after the click on the affiliate link will generate you a 10% commission of the Premium plan. Check out the current pricing. The affiliate commission is reduced by your local tax and Paddle fees. You can see how your link is performing in the Metrics section. Set your payout details in the Business Account > Payouts >Transfer Preferences Choose from Paypal, Payoneer, or Bank/Wire Transfer. The minimum threshold is $100.
  5. Your payout is transferred to you by the 15th of the month. Read more>