Stand out on the web
with animated materials

Turn any Lottie or Gif into an animated material

Turn any static 3D object into an engaging 3D web element. Easy, no-code, all in the browser.

“With this new release, Vectary is becoming the hub for product designers, motion designers, 3D artists and developers. The possibilities are infinite. I can imagine a new market of Lotties more focused on textures for 3D assets.”

Principal Product Designer

How to create and embed 3D objects with animated materials

Step by step tutorial on how to create animated materials using Lotties and Gifs

Start with ready made
sample projects

Discover how these 3D scenes were made in Vectary and make them your own.

Open the 3D scene in Vectary Studio
Click on the logo at the bottom left
Clone and Edit the project
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