You can export files from Vectary in the following formats:

  • .glb is a glTF packed into one file with all its assets. 
  • .glTF (GL Transmission Format) called the JPEG of 3D. Data are optimized for efficient loading using WebGL and o ther APIs. It supports PBR materials and therefore it's the go-to format if you want to export materials from Vectary. 
  • .usdz is an Augmented Reality file format supported by Apple and can be viewed with the help of iOS devices running iOS12 and higher.
  • .obj a data format that represents geometry alone, such as the position of each vertex, vertex normals, the UV position of each texture, etc. As it is one of the oldest file formats it is one of the most widely supported. Along with the .obj you'll get a .mtl file defining color and opacity. The color texture will also be there if you used any. 
  • .stl (stereolithography) The most basic format of all. Simply put, it's just a list of triangles. Widely supported and suitable for 3D printing. 
  • .dae (digital exchange asset) is a 3D file interchange format that is supported by most 3D editing software and a number of game engines. You won't be able to export materials. 
  • 2D image formats can also be exported from Vectary in both the .png and .jpeg formats which can be found in the render tab.