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You can save your project on the cloud. You can use the shortcut Ctrl+S shortcut for Windows and Cmd + S for Mac to manually save your projects. Besides the manual option, your projects are by default automatically saved every single minute. You can check it out in the Menu.


You can import various 3D file formats including obj, dae, stl, gltf, glb. You can import 2D images in .png and .jpg formats. Vector imports are included as well using the .svg format (this is for objects converted to geometry).


Camera (Field of view in 3D)

The point of view when you enter the camera and view the scene through its lense. The default value is set to 35.

Auto Save

Saves the scene every single minute.

Undo Steps

It will undo the last action you performed on the scene if applicable. 


Changing the units won’t change the size of objects on the scene. It’s only a visual helper so you have a better overview of the proportions. You can use either milimeters or inches. 

Grid (Major lines every, Square size, Grid size)

The basic size of the scene is 40x40 squares.

  • By changing the values in Square size and grid size you’re able to set the size of the grid
  • Dragging the objects by the pivot snaps them to the grid by default.
  • The information about the direction from which you are viewing the scene are on the sides of the grid.
  • The Shortcut for showing and hiding the grid is Ctrl + ’.

X-ray shading

If you’re deeper in the object list structure(group) or in the edit mode of the object then X-ray shading will fade the other objects for better focus on the object you are currently working on.


Shows the value of transformations close to the gizmo. Dimensions show the size of the bounding box (you have to turn it on) for easy object resizing.

Selection bounding box

  • To view the bounding box of the selection enable this feature in the menu.
  • Resize the selection to a specific size with Dimensions turned on.

Reset Settings to default

Set all settings from the menu, snapping or tutorials to default. The engine will return to the initial state it was in when the user accessed it for the first time.


Interactive help

Move your cursor over the different elements to show its description.


A step by step tutorial to learn the basics of the 3d scene and basics transformations.

Vectary forum

Start a conversation with our community on https://spectrum.chat/vectary. Report bugs, suggest features or get help with issues you are not able to solve by yourself.

Send feedback

Send your feedback or bug report directly from the engine. You have to check the checkbox to allow Vectary Support to access your file to replicate your issue and find the solution as soon as possible.