Library houses a collection of carefully curated objects and materials, that you can use to create your own scene with a professional output by drag & dropping prepared assets onto the scene. Besides collections, you can drag & drop hundreds of thousands of 3D models, materials or environments from different repositories either Vectary’s internal one or external such as Sketchfab, Shapeways or MyMiniFactory. If you’re more into icons you can dig into TheNounProject’s over 1 million icons, which will be converted into mesh geometry once you drop them onto the scene. 



  • Vectary assets houses our carefully curated designs that are created by our in-house designers.
  • MyMiniFactory is a curated social platform for 3D printable objects.
  • NounProject contains over 1 million illustrated icons that can be imported and can be converted to 3D geometry .
  • Google Poly contains low poly objects that are modeled by designers. 
  • Sketchfab contains high-quality 3D models created by the worlds foremost designers.


The Collections of 3D assets, materials, and environments are divided in a “folder structure”. Searching in the Collections tab searches in all of the categories and lists the content hierarchically from 3D Assets to Environments. It also contains the filter for repositories. 

collections foto.PNG

3D Assets

Shows the 3D Models you can drag and drop onto your scene as well as searches in the 3D assets menu. The search feature goes through all the connected accounts of integrated repositories which you can turn off and turn on at any time.

3D assets.PNG


 A large library of custom PBR materials with thousands of textures.



A collection of HDR images from: Greg Zaal (, zbyg (