Object list layer

Is the menu that allows you to control your models that are listed in the object list.


Duplicates an object to the same position. Shortcut CTRL + D.

Duplicate linked

Duplicate linked, creates an object that is linked to the original object that was duplicated and it mirrors everything that is done to the original object. So if you change the color or shape both objects will look the same. Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + D.


Hides an object from the scene. Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + H.


Locks an object - you are still able to see it and select it through the object list, but its not selectable on the canvas. Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + L.


Deletes an object. Shortcut DEL / BACKSPACE.


You can double-click on an object in your object list to rename it. 

Convert to geometry

Converts the object to mesh geometry so you can edit it. It applies only to parametric objects.