Snapping Tool

The snapping tool helps you to transform or draw something more precisely. You can access the snapping tool menu by right-clicking on the scene, accessing the snap menu. Alternatively, it is also accessible from the Edit menu on the right side of the bar. 

Snap to division

Snap to the nearest division of the line while drawing. Set as many divisions as you want.  

Snap to angle

Use this to rotate the selected object in pre-defined angles. When you need to rotate a selection, this snap helps you to get the right angles.  

Snap to grid

Snap to the intersection of the grid lines while drawing.  

Snap to end

Snap to the ends of the nearest line while drawing.  

Snap to face

Snap the point, line or face of the object to another object’s face.

Snap to near

Snap to the nearest line while drawing.  

Snap to middle

Snap to the middle of the nearest line while drawing.