Tackle any design project with collaboration in 3D


Involve anyone from your company in the creative process

Take your cross-department workflow to the next level. Collaborate with your colleagues, friends or clients on a design project right in the shared workspace through comments and annotations. Shape the idea and add equal value to it whether you're from the marketing, design or sales department. You don't need any special experience to use collaboration in Vectary.


Put your feedback right where it belongs

The 3D space gives you the option to zoom in and rotate to a very specific point where you can pin your annotation. This way the design team knows exactly what changes need to be made and where to implement them. Say goodbye to endless feedback meetings and get faster results for a more effective creative design process.


Scale the design progress and give permissions to those who need to be involved

Add collaborators to your projects, set view-only permissions or give them full access to edit your design. Revoke access to those who already did their part in the process. Share thoughts with participants in real time and oversee the development of the project until its completion. 


Stay up to date with the latest design changes with online sync

Every change you make is automatically saved to the cloud and shown to those who are part of a shared project. With real-time synchronization you don't need to remodify objects while others are working on them. When someone is in Edit mode making changes to the geometry, objects are locked so they won't get rewritten by two or more people at the same time. Open your shared projects anytime and see the latest changes that were made, even when you're away from your computer.