Google Poly in Vectary

Google Poly is for creators to browse, discover, access and share 3D objects in one place. It features a free library of assets that you can use in graphic design, augmented reality and virtual reality projects. They're all in the OBJ file format.

This integration makes starting your first project in Vectary fast and easy to do. Once you connect to Google Poly the objects are visible in the 3D Assets tab and you can start dropping them into the 3D scene.

How to use Google Poly:

  1. Create a Vectary account
  2. Start creating a new project (or use an existing project)
  3. When the project opens, click 3D Assets and then Connected Accounts in the opened library tab
  4. Click the + sign next to Google Poly
  5. The library quickly reloads and displays Google Poly 3D objects
  6. Scroll through 3D assets in the library tab and drag & drop your favorite objects to the scene
Google Poly_1.jpg
Google Poly_2.jpg
Google Poly_3.jpg