Design anything you can imagine

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Design in 3D with no previous experience – just drag & drop 

You don't need any previous experience with our rich 3D assets library that has anything you can ask for. You name it, we search it for you. With connected integrations such as Sketchfab, Thingiverse or Google Poly, hundreds of thousands of objects are just one click away from being searched. If it's in your imagination, it's probably in our library, too.

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Access thousands of designs, icons, fonts and AR assets

The library is not just about 3D assets. It also contains lots of other design resources you'll find super helpful in your design workflow. We integrated the Noun Project and Google Fonts to bring a completely new experience to designers who are new to 3D modeling, but at the same time are familiar with the creative process. This way you can properly explore the posibilities of designing in the 3D space.

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Start with pre-designed templates

Jump straight into your design process by using a ready-made mockup, layout or 3D scene. You can get familiar with the software much faster and understand the basics on materials, environments, lights, and add-ons. If you need a little push to spark your creativity, templates are a great way to start and get the hang of the 3D software.

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Import and export the most used 3D file formats

We support a wide range of industry standard formats like glTF, GLB, USDZ, STL, OBJ, DAE, PNG, and SVG. We're constantly working on implementing others so you can import and export the most used design formats to support cross-software post-processing, and get the most out of your design.

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Create your own 3D models in Edit mode

If you're already experienced in 3D modeling, here's some good news. We created a well-rounded mesh modeling tool for those of you who want to create their models from scratch. Or if you want to customize and edit imported models from external repositories, simply double-click on the object and start editing its geometry. It's that easy.

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