Knowledge Base Index

To help users get familiar with the 3D design tool and platform, we created an index of the Knowledge Base divided into a few groups. We recommend reading all the articles chronologically to get a complete overview of VECTARY.

Getting Started

1. Introduction 

2. Before you get started 

- requirements, account, file and ownership FAQs

3. How to start creating 

- start with a template, create a new blank project, tips for 3D print makers, 3D & 2D designers, collaboration

4. Looking around in the 3D space 

5. Meet the Workspace 

- objects list, 3D modeling toolbar, properties panel, the library, gizmo

6. Selecting 

- selecting, deselecting, changing selection, groups 

7. Transformations - move, rotate, scale 

Rendering basics

9. Real-time rendering 

10. Materials 

11. Lights Basics 

12. Environments 

3D Modeling

13. Create a new 3D object
- 3D objects - primit ives, drawing tool, 3D Text add-on