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Christmas Donation Tin / Gift Box

"And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!"

What exactly is the spirit of Christmas? When I first thought about that question in order to design a 3D model that would hopefully reach the hearts of many, one of the first things I thought of was The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - Christmas is the season of giving. However, that should go for every one of us, which is why in addition to this being a gift box, there is also a slit to put some money in - donations for those who deserve to share the joy with the rest of us.

Of course, this can also be brought around for Christmas carolling, something that a friend of mine has fond memories of back in her childhood days, which is why I have added some Christmas lyrics surrounding the box.

And let's not forget that very thing that most children look forward to - presents! This design can also be used as a gift box to put under the Christmas tree. But remember, cover up the slit with a sticker or a gift tag so as to prevent any peeking before Christmas morning.

The current size of the cylindrical box is 10cm by 10 cm by 10cm while the lid (including the ribbon) is 10cm by 10cm by 5.5cm. As always, you can scale it to whatever size that suits your needs.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Edit: Hi everyone, sorry, but I have realised that there are actually quite a number of faults with the current design, so here is the link to the other version I have made: They have the same dimensions, and the only things I have changed are the fonts for some as the lyrics as well as the ribbon. Thank you for your support and I'm sorry for this mistake on my part regarding this design.

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  • Rei.T
    13 days ago
    Thank you for your support!! Unfortunately, I don't have any figgy pudding for you, but here's how I did it: I used the Google Fonts plugin to create the text, then shifted the text so that one letter would be right in the middle of the box. Then I used the marquee tool to select all the faces of the text to the left of the middle letter, rotated it a couple of degrees clockwise and adjusted the letter adjacent to the centre letter. Just repeat for the rest of the letters and for the right side and you're done :)
  • Andy Klement
    13 days ago
    I would put a donation into this box for sharing the secret, how you managed to bend the text around the cylindrical box.

Christmas Donation Tin / Gift Box

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