Geometry Bracelet

A geometry bracelet created with VECTARY. Click on Customize to see it in 3D.

How we made it:

Watch the tutorial >

1. Create a cylinder with 12 segments.

2. Remove caps - planar surfaces.

3. Select every second edge and then weld - this will create a triangular surface.

4. Randomly select some faces, use the bevel faces and then delete the selection - this will create holes.

5. Select all faces, switch to local gizmo and then extend to add some thickness to the structure.

6. Select all edges and use the small bevel to make them sharper.

7. Smooth the object and choose the color and material you want to be applied.

8. Export the .stl file. 

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  • Andy Klement
    6 months ago
    very nice and easy to follow, I can imagine all kind of objects done with this technique. I love the "welding trick of selected lines" by collapsing them into a single point you change the geometry from squares to triangles.

Geometry Bracelet

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