Stone ring

A custom ring created with VECTARY. Click on Customize to see it in 3D.

How we made it:

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1. Make a tube

2. Bevel the edges.

3. Draw a box and bevel the edges.

4. Use the box with radial array.

5. Set the angle to 120 degrees and +/- 30 copies.

6. Play with the jitter settings in Array to make it look more random.

7. Bake array.

8. Use Boolean to join the tube and array together and then bake.

9. Smooth and choose the color and material you want to be applied.

10. Export the .stl file.

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  • Andy Klement
    a year ago
    Playing with the "radial array" is so satisfying :) and it saves soooo much time. Love it!

Stone ring

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  • 18. 4. 2017
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