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Vase template | MyMiniFactory Design Competition


Vase, vase, vase... so many shapes and techniques can be used to create an impressive 3D model.

Create your own vase from scratch or customize one of our templates.

Pick your ideal vase shape from our templates.

Learn how to finish this design:

Another vase inspiration:

First time using VECTARY?

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Check more video tutorials in our Learn 3D user guide. Add a nice texture to your vase. Learn how.

How to participate in the design competition:

1. Create a project.

2. Use MyMiniFactory Exporter plugin to send your project to MyMiniFactory (to do so, click + Add plugin and then select MyMiniFactory Exporter).

3. Publish your work on VECTARY.

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Vase template | MyMiniFactory Design Competition

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