Suspended Vase

Suspended Vase 🌵

Created in Vectary and then 3d printed for the design competition!

-This vase was designed so that the plant & soil are suspended above the base and act as if they are 'floating'. -Natural daylighting in the morning & afternoon provide light for your plant, and in the evening light up the base with a tea light!

-This model is very easy to print and requires no support material when printed upside down.

-Print time: 11 hours & 23 min.

-53.839m of filament required.

***(Use an LED for the tea light do not use a real flame!)***

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  • Andy Klement
    8 months ago
    Fantastic! And the fact that it does not require supports is a really good information and design of course!

Suspended Vase

  • 3. 9. 2017
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