Spinning Rotary iPhone 7 cover (Updated)

An iPhone 7 cover designed to look like a classic rotary phone that actually spins.

The rotary part is designed like a fidget spinner so that the circle with holes actually spins like an old rotary phone. There are 3 circles that come together -- the center circle (with all the holes) fits around an r188 bearing, and the lower circle (with the numbers) and inner circle are actually bearing caps. Once assembled, it should spin like a fidget spinner with just a center bearing.

Here are videos of it spinning:

Rotary Only

Rotary on Case

This model is based on my previous model "Rotary iPhone 7 Cover," which looks similar but doesn't spin.

Note: This version is an update of my older project. The bearing caps fit the r188 bearing more snugly in this version.

Spinning Rotary iPhone 7 cover (Updated)

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