Steam Dozer Willy

Steam Dozer Willy was content with his life of digging and dozing... until the day the zombie apocalypse came and turned his whole world upside down! What a drag... all these zombies lumbering around his dig site! So, Willy did what any autonomous construction robot would do. DESTROY ALL HUMANS!!! Wait a minute... all the humans are gone? Oh well, guess all these zombies will have to do until civilization makes a come back. Time to get smashing!

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  • ebrown.23
    5 months ago
  • mrhers2
    7 months ago
    Thank you! Yes, 100% of the modelling was done in Vectary from scratch.
  • Andy Klement
    7 months ago
    Nice story, did you do all modeling in Vectary?

Steam Dozer Willy

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  • 8. 9. 2017
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