Twister Ornaments

by wilbertcox.connor on Dec 22, 2017
Twister Ornaments

These are a set of 9 Christmas ornaments for the Christmas Vectary design competition. There are 3 shapes, each with 3 different amounts of pieces. The ornaments are really fun to play with and not too difficult to print. Work great as toy and ornament for the tree, overall modern aesthetic and neat design. After printing some sanding may be required for them to slide smoothly.

To hang tie a loop at one end and knot at the other, knot below object, loop above.

The different version are as follows...

Sphere, 2 sections

Sphere, 3 sections

Sphere, 4 sections

Icicle, 2 sections

Icicle, 3 sections

Icicle, 4 sections

Tear Drop, 2 sections

Tear Drop, 3 sections

Tear Drop, 4 sections


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