Graphic design

Smooth sailing between 3D and 2D design

Draw on your 3D models in Procreate thanks to the UV unwrapping feature.

We love bridging the gap between 2D and 3D designers, bringing them closer through a seamless workflow. We have already developed a 3D Elements plug-in for Figma. Now, we want to offer another new option to 2D designers who work in Procreate. The unwrapping feature in Vectary opens up a huge door of possibilities. 

What is unwrapping?


Unwrapping is the process of creating a UV map. It is the horizontal and vertical axes of the 2D space. UV textures enable you to map a 2D image to your 3D model, as a texture. In other words, it is a process of projecting a 3D object onto a 2D plane. You can imagine it as unwrapping a Christmas present. Paper that was previously folded on the 3D box becomes flat in seconds. 

Why is this useful in 3D design?

This technique can be very effective in keeping the texture sizes down. It also allows you to have a different texture on every part of the surface. UV maps are versatile in many ways. Here are some possibilities: 

1. Make seamless realistic textures on complicated models. 

2. Bake shadows on the 3D models for enhanced realism. 

3. Paint on 3D objects.

Why is this feature important for Vectary?

UV unwrapping can be unnerving and bleak in some cases. However, in Vectary, it is done with one click of a button. Yes, it is that easy.

How does this benefit designers working in Procreate?

Procreate is a powerful design tool for creating beautiful art and design. Vectary is offering a possibility to expand creativity by using limitless options of 3D models. The unwrap feature lets you import 3D objects into Procreate, enabling you to finish the design of the object material while painting it in 3D. 

How to get 3D models to Procreate

  1. Create a 3D object from scratch or use pre-designed models in Vectary.
  2. To unwrap, first select an object that should be unwrapped, navigate to the properties panel on the right side and click on the “plus” button next to the Texture Projection. Then click on the last (5th) icon indicating the UV map. With default settings, click on the “Unwrap” button. Once you see the message “done”, the model is unwrapped. 
  3. To export the model, click on the “hamburger menu” on the top left, navigate to Export and in the “File format” select “USDZ”. Within the default settings, click “Download”.
  4. The file is ready to be sent to your iPad and imported into Procreate.
  5. Continue working on your design.
  6. When you are happy with the output you can export your drawing as a PNG texture and bring it back to your original Vectary model. Now you can share it in 3D or preview in Augmented Reality.