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Exploded view animations are a game-changer

Packed with information and benefits.

Animated 3D exploded views are the ultimate tool for showing what's inside your 3D product designs. They're visually stunning and incredibly effective, especially when combined with interactive elements. Instead of reading a boring description or staring at a static image, you can share a link that brings your design to life. You can use it with your team, embed it in presentations, or use productivity tools like Miro or Notion to get the job done.

Here's why you should start using animated 3D exploded views:

1. Better understanding of your product or concept

Interactive 3D exploded views make it easy to explain complex designs to clients and stakeholders. They show exactly how your product works and how it's put together. This makes them especially helpful for complex products that require more than just a simple 2D illustration. You can also use them to present your product to different departments and stages in the product development process.

In Vectary, you can add extra elements like hotspots, annotations, icons, or animations to specific parts of your product for even more detail.

2. Improved visibility with 3D

The power of 3D exploded views lies in their ability to show all angles of your product and its components in detail. With an animated and interactive 3D exploded view, you can zoom in and rotate the view to show off every feature. This is especially helpful for customers who are trying to make a purchasing decision, as they can get a better understanding of the product before they buy. You can also embed the exploded view on web platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more.

3. Marketing magic

3D exploded animations can be used as a marketing tool to showcase your product's features and benefits. You can add graphics, diagrams, or 3D text to make your design even more impressive. This can help attract more customers and increase sales, and it can even be a part of a special campaign with hidden information like a coupon that's revealed when you click.

4. Streamlined manufacturing

Exploded views can help manufacturers understand your product better and streamline the manufacturing process. This reduces errors and improves efficiency, resulting in a better final product.

5. Easier approval process

Exploded views simplify the approval process by showing all components and how they fit together. This reduces the need for physical prototypes, and the 3D comments feature in Vectary makes communication with your team even more efficient.

How to create animated 3D exploded views in Vectary:

Check out our two tutorials to learn how to create an exploded view animation in Vectary. In the first one, we'll show you the basics. In the second, we'll go more in-depth, creating interactions that open and close the view on click, using advanced conditions and targets. After watching both tutorials, you'll be a pro at creating exploded view animations in Vectary.