3D design is meant to be shared

This is how we’re making that happen.

If you’ve been following along our journey, you’ve known that Vectary has always envisioned a world where everyone can express themselves in 3D and AR.

Starting with the new dashboard that includes a free workspace with up to 10 projects, everyone can start creating, sharing and collaborating.

And the sharing is easy

Sharing 3D files should be as easy as sharing an image or document but we’ve decided it should also be as simple as sharing a link. So when we say one-click link sharing, we mean it. Generate a shareable link in an instant. If you’re on the Starter plan, your project is cloneable so you can share with friends or other creatives to replicate and reimagine, perfect for creative collaborations or educational demos.

When it comes to sharing 3D content, you’ve got options. Choose between one-click link sharing, or embeds. Either way, you’ll be sharing 3D design content as it’s meant to be consumed - in 3D of course. When your 3D design is shared, it is cloneable as a template. All projects made with Vectary can be viewed in an engaging 3D format, whether you’re sharing via links or embeds, so no more stacks of static images.

See the example above of a Vectary 3D scene embedded to a website. And here is an example of a link. Feel free to clone this project to your dashboard and customize it.

Keep it confidential

If you’re required to keep things client confidential, then the Pro plan is what you’re looking for. It gives you control over who’s allowed to view your work. Creating Workspaces for each client will ensure that everyone’s on the same page, plus you can share direct access to Workspaces. Bonus: As Workspaces are billed individually, the client invoicing process will be much smoother.

By disabling cloning you make your project view only.

Make it your own

Workspaces are where your projects are located. You can share them with clients, or keep them private. Workspace avatars are customizable and allow you to change the profile image and name. The image of the workspace will appear on your shared link, so you can let your own branding shine or keep client folders in order. A feature rarely available for free.

These are just some of the changes that you can already experience in Vectary, all wrapped up in a refreshing new look and feel.

Start creating, start sharing.
Open dashboard
Open dashboard