Designers to watch: Three Vectary projects that will make you want to learn 3D design

Three exceptional Vectary projects from our users.

We are happy to introduce to you three exceptional Vectary projects from our users that have recently caught our attention.

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Campaign Farmers of Salvation

Martin Bajanik, a.k.a. Pekne&Dobre is a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator in his own studio.

The campaign Farmers of salvation for a local organic grocery store chain was created as a thank you to the farmers. They couldn't stay at home during quarantine and instead took care of our food supply.

Incredibly enough, Vectary was his first 3D experience.

While creating this campaign, I realized that 3D is an achievable goal, although I was aware of my limits in this area. In the beginning, I decided to make my illustrations geometry-based, which made the following steps a lot easier.

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Daily Popsicle challenge

Sq_baker, a.k.a. Zdenek Borysek is a Senior Interior Designer in the automotive industry. And what is a better way for a professional to relax, than having a personal design project?

It is a personal project and a personal challenge to make one popsicle a day. I try not to spend more than 30 mins on each one, plus rendering time. This kind of pressure makes me think and prepare for what I need to do. It also works as a diary and it reflects my daily mood; while on top of that, I see my 3D skills developing. I started doing this while quarantined in my home office. Setting aside that half an hour a day... let's see where it goes.

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3D animations in PowerPoint

Did you know you can place Vectary 3D models into PowerPoint presentations? And create an impressive animation? Simon Lee turned presentations into an art.

I am a co-founder of a presentation design studio in China. #PPT365 is an online challenge/campaign I raised on the biggest Chinese social media platform Weibo. This campaign asks people to do daily design challenges using PowerPoint. I always do different design experiences in PowerPoint to see what we can do in it. Because the new Office 365 can embed 3D models when doing the design. Apart from that, Vectary is the best tool I have ever used. It is user friendly and enables me to build 3D models in a very short time. That's where all my various designs you have seen came from.

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